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Business Continuity

For the business owner/s who need to reliably safeguard their organisation's success at all times, Ability IT delivers a portfolio of Business Continuity Solutions and Services that provide total business coverage to ensure your organisation's success is protected. 

Continuity Preparedness

Because of the crucial nature of connectivity and data in today's business environment, many businesses have to turn to the notion of business continuity and disaster recovery. Reaction to a disastrous event is often not enough - which is why Ability IT focuses on planning and business continuity strategy for our customers.
This is an entry-level product to baseline the organisation's preparedness for dealing with any disaster situation. This service provides a baseline knowledge to organisations on their preparedness in dealing with business continuity, disaster recovery and business resumption. The service is available across all customers, markets and industries.

IT Disaster Recovery Plan Development

Planning for disaster and having appropriate measures in place to minimise downtime to your business is paramount in today's environment. The development of a Disaster Recovery plan is the logical next step following a Continuity Preparedness exercise. We will work with you to provide an effective, fit-for-purpose, predefined and documented framework and process to enable the Disaster Recovery of the organisation's Information Technology portfolio.
This DR plan can fit with your existing infrastructure, or be the beginning of a roadmap for extending and potentially outsourcing your production and/or DR facilities to a fully-managed Data Centre site.

Business Impact Analysis

Understanding your business is about the analysis of the operational aspects of an organisation; both public and private sector, and provides the foundation upon which all Business Continuity Management (BCM) is based. The purpose of a Business Impact Analysis is to:
Business Continuity Management (BCM) Strategy Development

The purpose of a Business Continuity Management Strategy is to provide a clearly defined and documented policy, framework and operational direction to ensure the resilience and continuance of an organisation's Mission Critical Activities, their dependencies and single points of failure. This service is offered at an organisational level, at a process level (whereby the resultant BCM capability can be developed for one or a number of organisational or industry systemic Mission Critical Activities), and at a resource level. BCM services extend to BCM audits, exercising an organisation's BCM plan, and ongoing maintenance of the BCM plan.

Crisis Management Plan Development

The purpose of Crisis Management Plan (CMP) is to provide an effective, fit-for-purpose predefined and documented framework and process to enable an organisation to manage effectively a crisis event whether of a physical e.g. site or non-physical e.g. reputation/brand or security e.g. burglary nature.

BCM Policy

Ability IT can assist you in defining your formal Business Continuity Management (BCM) Policy. The purpose of this is to provide a clearly defined, documented mandatory course of action to be implemented by the organisation in respect of Business Continuity Management (including Crisis Management).