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Ability IT offers a range of information technology consultancy services, both general and specialised.

Systems Design

The efficiency of any computer system or network is determined by how well the system matches and compliments the most efficient workflow in a business.  It is more than just ensuring that every user has a computer.
Correct analysis of staff and activities allows correct selection of technology and software that will better suit the needs of the business, and improve productivity.

Ability IT can provide


Ability IT can define and implement an effective information technology strategy. We follow up with a regular strategic review of IT resources and requirements including system specifications and product sourcing

IT Management Services
After implementation we can provide a range of management services. Ability IT maintains a 'virtual' IT management presence for many of its clients. This single point of contact' philosophy enables client access to a wide range of general computer support services and provides 'Virtual' IT manager support for all technology management and support issues.