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IT Outsoucing

Tired of forever battling to take control of your IT environment and the costs associated with it? Unable to keep up with relentlessly changing technology and the skills needed to understand let alone support it?

Ability IT offers a full range of Outsourcing Services under which we run all or part of your IT infrastructure for you - using your facilities, our facilities or a mixture of both. You choose which services to outsource (and which to keep in-house) and whether you own the technology assets or we do.

Our Outsourcing Services offerings are custom-built for each customer to meet your individual requirements.

Outsourcing the provision of IT services to your business units has the potential to provide your organisation with a wide range of benefits including, but not limited to, the following:

Allow your organisation to concentrate on its core business

As IT environments become increasingly complex they also become increasingly difficult to implement and support. Paradoxically they also become increasingly important to your organisation as you become more and more reliant on technology to conduct business.
Outsourcing the management of your IT environment to Ability IT will provide your organisation with the ability to re-focus resources away from running that environment and back into your core business.

Improve service to your business units
Are your business units and end users satisfied with the level of service that they currently receive in regards to IT? Do they have systems that are reliable, secure and perform well?
Based on our experience the answer to these questions for most customers will be 'no'.
There are a multitude of reasons for this, but most of them boil down to the fact that the majority of organisations are not in the IT business, yet they are responsible for running IT organisations - the organisation responsible for their internal IT infrastructure.

Ability IT specialises in the provision of IT services to small and medium companies (those with 5 to 500 users) - it's all we do and we are very good at. We are fanatical about customer service and confident that we will deliver marked improvements in service to most organisations.

Increase your competitive advantage over the competition
Many organisations wear IT costs grudgingly - technology is often over-hyped, under-delivered and unreasonably expensive. All too often technology is an impediment to the realisation of your business objectives rather than an enabler.

At Ability IT we are firm believers in the potential for technology to deliver your company with a competitive advantage over your competition and can assist you in achieving maximum business benefit from your IT expenditure.

Control cost
Sometimes the variability of IT costs can be as much of a problem as the quantity of the costs themselves. IT costs are notoriously difficult to forecast and control, leaving many businesses with the unenviable prospect of significant unplanned IT expenditure when they expect it the least.

Ability IT can provide you with fixed-price service offerings under which we transfer the ongoing financial risk of providing services to your business from your organisation to ours. We continue to provide the same high quality of service at the same price, regardless of cost changes in the IT industry.

Quantify Support Tasks
Ability IT offer an optional Monthly Report analysing the work effort giving the ability to "red flag" certain IT requirements and wasted effort. The report can include all IT expenditures, both current and future to assist in budgeting and financial analysis.

Click here to view a sample monthly report.