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Pro-active Scheduled Maintenance

You would never dream of just driving your car and forgetting about service checks - so why do it to your computers?

Our preventative maintenance programme will drastically reduce your day-to-day technology glitches. The old adage, "Prevention is the best medicine" is certainly true when it comes to computers. Spending a little bit of money now could save you a whole lot of money later on. An undetected virus or a faulty backup system could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

When you engage our services we do regular remote and/or onsite checks.  Each of these maintenance programmes includes a report detailing the status of your equipment and any recommendations.

Single Server customers can engage a maintenance contract for less than $400/month and there is no need for a hard and fast contract. Maintenance services can be provided on a gentlemen's agreement basis.

Benefits of a maintenance contract:

Monthly or Quarterly Maintenance